Inspired by ❤️
  1. Yesterday was the anniversary of my first list. (I still like this list very much.)
  2. This experience has been great so far
  3. I've made online friends
  4. And also met some for real
  5. I've learned a lot
  6. Got great advices
  7. Tried to share some funny, interesting and personal stuff
  8. Got a few requests
  9. Sent a few requests
  10. Received so much love
  11. Tried and failed to convince a few French people to join
  12. Got featured and unfeatured
    Crazy ride
  13. I got the confetti parties!
  14. Got sometimes upset or frustrated
  15. Took breaks but always came back
  16. I wrote a lot of lists, and deleted a bunch, so I don't know how much actually
  17. Got excited so often by the community, the content
  18. So yeah, I'm ready for whatever comes next!
  19. Happy anniversary @dev @bjnovak , happy birthday @listbot