Keep'em coming, I love to learn!!!!!!!
  1. I noticed this model on the Instagram of a fellow French origamist 2 day ago
  2. It's an octet tessellation model designed by Ron Resch in the 60s.
  3. I searched the Internet for a long time and didn't find any tutorial or even crease pattern!
    There was just a video of someone showing how you can unfold the model and it comes back to its shape
  4. Damn!
  5. Internet has failed me!
  6. So I was like : "what the hell! I'm gonna draw the crease pattern myself!"
    Danger is my middle name
  7. I had never done that before
  8. I watched the video of the model a hundred times yesterday, freezing the image to understand exactly where the creases were.
  9. And I came up with this!
    Pretty proud of myself, no chill and all!
  10. I tested it and it kinda worked but I noticed I would have to do things differently
  11. Usually I fold a grid and then use it
  12. But here I would have to draw the grid but not fold everything for the model to work
    It's important for the middle of the hexagons and triangles to not have any folds inside
  13. Today I used the first pattern to make the origami on an other better paper
  14. First this is the paper (oddly this is the back, I wanted to have a monochrome paper)
  15. I drew the grid
  16. I drew all the creases with ink
  17. I erased the first grid
  18. Then I traced every crease with a bone folder to mark the pleats. When you look at the front you see the creases appearing!
  19. And I folded!
  20. Here is the result
  21. In action!!
  22. I also tried it with a thiner paper but I like the thicker paper better
  23. By the way if anyone has any origami suggestion (a little challenging of course) I'd love it!