1. I won't make a whole list about @veshecco 's album
  2. I love it, He knows it.
  3. I just want to talk a little bit about the song "Ask the Stars"
  4. I find myself stuck with this song in my head
  5. It's been a few days
  6. And I don't listen to the album much
  7. Not because I don't like it, again
  8. But because I don't listen to much music, period
  9. And the little music I listen to is when walking, on my phone
  10. And the album is not on my phone
  11. Anyway
  12. I've been wondering why this particular song staid with me
  13. Apart from the fact that it's one of the best in the album
  14. And it has a melody that you can easily remember
  15. But it's not that
  16. It's about the Stars.
  17. I've not felt this bad in years
  18. Probably around 10 years
  19. I used to be a pretty depressive teenager
  20. At the time I would spend evenings and afternoons in my head
  21. At some point I started looking at the Stars at night
  22. And it was a bit of a confort
  23. I would imagine all the people around the world feeling the same way I was feeling
  24. Or living the same stuff
  25. And who were also looking at the Stars or the sky at this very moment
  26. And it would help me
  27. And the song reminded me
  28. That in these very hard times
  29. It might be a good idea
  30. To look again at the Stars
  31. And maybe ask them some stuff...
  32. Thanks @veshecco