Best Drawings I Got From the Children Today, Ranked

  1. 15.
    Pretty dark!
  2. 14.
    The school, a classic
  3. 13.
    They all love me today, don't they?
  4. 12.
    Is it leaves or is it money?
  5. 11.
    Bears and hearts!!
  6. 10.
    So many colors!
  7. 9.
    Kid with special needs, very talented!
  8. 8.
    A lot is happening here!
  9. 7.
    This one guessed that part of my name means "sun" in Latin!
  10. 6.
    Kid with special needs, very agitated, but cute when he wants
  11. 5.
    A cute monster
  12. 4.
    "Soléna, I think you were very kind and I'm sad that you are leaving" 😭
  13. 3.
    "Goodbye, forever!" ---> hilarious
  14. 2.
    7 yo, apparently felt I was really into yoga and trees cause I never told her!!
  15. 1.
    7 yo BOY who drew him and me as fairies!!! He wants to become a dancer later but he hopes he'll change because his father would not accept that... You get what I'm getting?