Best of New York (and America) Through My Comics 🏀

  1. The tree blossoming, Suffolk street
  2. My neighborhood grocery store
  3. American showers : WTF?! No portable showerhead!!! At first I was like : woohoo freedom!
  4. But then I was like : how do you rinse your ass guys?
  5. Buying sunglasses at St Marks Place
  6. The art student drawing what she saw through a ladle
  7. Parallel streets! Best invention ever
  8. Feet and inches and stuff : never got that...
  9. Rooftop access everywhere. This changed my life.
  10. That time we renamed all the songs with "loving" after my friend Scott Loving
  11. Communal washing machines in the basement
  12. Living in a flat that doubles as a venue for amazing indie bands
  13. That time the only place that sold my cigarette paper, that I found after a month searching, burned to the ground - funny in retrospect
  14. Sugar sweet sunshine : cupcake heaven!
    If heaven is like in supernatural, mine is that.
  15. That time I saw Fisher Stevens aka my only celebrity sighting
  16. That time I saw Obama's car
  17. Eating at the Burger King in Bushwick with my buddies
  18. The time I freaked out because I was walking the streets with a thousand dollars in my backpack and I wondered if people could tell.
  19. Visiting the MoMA a hundred times
  20. Best taco place in Brooklyn
  21. Indie folk shows all the time
  22. The MTA ❤️ especially buses
  23. The parks :
  24. A "sock telling" show
  25. Forbidden Planet, comic books heaven
    Can I change my heaven and pick this one?
  26. The time I saw a raccoon steal food from people picnicking in Central Park
  27. Eating string cheese at night while peeing
  28. Squirrels harassing me at union square park