Binge Watching Right Now!

A running list
  1. March 2017 - Catastrophe
    It's AMAZING! Seriously guys, those British are so gooood! Go watch it now. Season 3 just started. 6 episodes of 30 minutes by season. + it's Carrie Fisher's last role and she's great in it.
  2. March 2017 - Touch
    I was skeptical but I love it. There's mystery, adventure, a bit of spirituality and numbers! Kiefer is way better than he was in 24 in my opinion. There's 2 seasons of 13 episodes and it's finished.
  3. March 2017 - Trollhunters
    Really great show! You can see how Guillermo Del Toro is behind the wheels. The first episodes are extremely cinematographic.
  4. March 2017 - Scorpion
    I watched three episodes so far and I find it entertaining. I don't think I'm gonna love it as much as White Collars but we'll see!
  5. March 2017 - Love season 2
    It's a very particular show but I like it. My favorite part is Gus and his friends inventing theme songs for movies that don't have one and all sing it together! The binge is gonna be very quick since there's not a lot of episodes!
  6. March 2017 - Mentalist
    I've already watched it in its entirety and some episodes several time but I thought I'd rewatch it in order a second time, knowing red john and the end. There is something comforting to Patrick Jane.
  7. March 2017 - Grace and Frankie season 3
    I just love them so much. If I could be a tenth as cool as Frankie!
  8. April 2017 - Jessica Jones
    The actress is the total doppelgänger of an old friend of mine, it's awesome. And it's good show.
  9. May 2017 - Master of None season 2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  10. May 2017 - Sense8
  11. June 2017 - Flaked season 2
    I like the one day at a time format ;) and I still like the Venice vibe and the actors are 👍
  12. June 2017 - Anne with an E
    I find her a tad annoying honestly but my boyfriend is addicted to the show
  13. June 2017 - Orange is the new black season 5
    This is fucking crazy! Like, they knew we were traumatized so they went batpoop cuckoo!
  14. June 2017- GLOW
    Fucking loved it
  15. July 2017 - Veronica Mars
    Third time watching it (I discovers it maybe 4 years ago) Logan 😍😍😍
  16. July 2017 - Friends from college
    I just watched 3 episodes for now. It's a parade of amazing actors. I was expecting something lighter and funnier but I'm still on bord.
  17. August 2017 - Atypical
    Brilliant, funny, sensitive. I love Casey's character and Raul Castillo is such an amazing actor, I've been a fan of him for years. Sadly I think the only reason he's not yet a superstar staring in every romantic movie is because he's a POC...
  18. August 17 - defenders
    Amazing esthetic. But can we please just keep Luke and Jessica and mostly kick out Danny, this stupid boring character...
  19. August 17 - Guest Book
    Very smart and funny tv show. Basically people come and go from this rented cabin and we follow one story per episode. The actors are outstanding and it's well written.
  20. September 17 - Limitless
    A screw up 30 something gets mixed up in a weird drug thing and end up working for the FBI. The main character is hilarious, it's really not boring, actors and directors are good 👌
  21. September 17 - RuPaul's drag race s06 and more
    I love it! I thought it was gonna be fun but I didn't think it was that good. It's very well produced and realized, they don't what every reality tv and contest tv show : playing with our emotions all the time, making people hate each other etc. It's very human and fun and the drag queens are sooo good at what they do! I'm hooked