Can I be a spoiled friend and a jerk for a minute?

Warning : this is my dark side. I love my friends, they're awesome, I've known all of them for a lot of years,and bla-bla-bla but
  1. Most of my friends are garbage
  2. Like really.
  3. Bad friends
  4. Self involved
  5. They never call to ask how I feel
  6. 80% of the time I'm the one proposing to meet
  7. Or calling
  8. Or texting
  9. They never answer immediately to a text
  10. And often they don't answer, at all.
  11. They absolutely know I'm having a very hard time right now
  12. They know my dad has cancer
  13. They know I was with him this week
  14. Yet they don't call
  15. I mean since it all started a couple months ago, not one has picked up the phone once just to ask how I was feeling.
  16. I hinted a thousand times that I needed to go out, wanted to see them
  17. They don't call
  18. The only one caring for me, texting and asking to meet with me is my very best friend, she's a treasure. And she's the one who has 4 kids and a full time teacher career and a big house to clean.
    So we meet maybe once a month for lunch
  19. The other ones have jobs but no kids, and I know they go out, have drinks sometimes...
  20. And I don't get it because I'm sure they love me. They love hanging out with me. They consider me very important in their life.
  21. We are like family.
  22. I have no doubt about that for many reasons.
  23. Yet they forget to be good friends
  24. They're trash
  25. I just had bad news and I'm sad and I don't even want to call my friends because what's the point...
  26. Sometimes I miss high school times, because you had the illusion that friendship was everything...
  27. Thank god for Juliette, my best (and only true IRL) friend right now...
  28. And my bf, my mum and brother are here for me, but it does. It replace the need of friends...
  29. Dark Soléna out
  30. 🤜
  31. 🎤
  32. 💥