Can I have a doctorate in series?

I've been using an app to help with my watching TV shows for a few years and I just discovered my stats 😁😅
  1. Time spent in front of a TV
    7 months 2 weeks 3 day 6 hours 44 minutes
  2. So around 5500 hours
  3. That is 3 years of full time job
  4. I watched 182 different TV shows (at least because I didn't select the very old ones)
  5. I watched 9707 episodes
  6. They say I watch 221 episodes every month
    But it may be a little less because they might count all the episodes I immediately marked as "watched" right when I joined the app 4 years ago.
  7. I have watched an episode everyday for 681 days in a row at some point
  8. If I applied this kind of dedication in other aspects of my life I probably wouldn't be in the mess I am right now
  9. ¯\_🤓_/¯