Census stories

  1. I never noticed before that a lot of buildings have more mailboxes and intercoms than they have apartment inside. Why?
    Because mailboxes come by predefined numbers of boxes when sold. And it's often cheaper to buy for example 3 lines of 4 mailboxes than whatever the combination might be for 11 mailboxes. Same for intercoms, not all numbers are available cheap. Therefore ghost mailboxes and intercoms everywhere!
  2. France is old and so with time addresses have become... Odd
    You can find streets with numbers out of orders or missing numbers.
  3. I have several addresses to investigate that refers to one building + a few independent house, for the same address! But of course they don't have a sign with their address number on it so I have to snoop and question to find out which houses are the right ones...
  4. One in two apartments is occupied by only one person
    France is very late in the roommate game. It's frequent when you're in college and slowly becoming normal in some very specific circles when you're older. but for most people it's weird to have roommates over 30.
  5. Today I asked a guy to just write his address and sign a form, and the guy had to take a break in the middle of it, to go pee, very loudly and very close, I'm not even sure the door was closed, but I'm sure he didn't wash his hands after... 😵
  6. But thankfully I also noticed there's a bunch of cute guys in my neighborhood, just saying!
  7. I found a new way to motivate people into answering : I tell them if they don't answer I'm going to come back on Saturday morning, it works!!
  8. A dog just licked my face
    This might be the most passionate kiss I get for Valentine's Day
  9. I passed a jogger with an enormous bouquet of red roses ❤️