Cereals - French Edition!

Welcome to my neighborhood's supermarket! I love cereals as much as any 5 years old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. Heaven
  2. My favorite before 2013
    New name : golden minis : WTF???!
  3. My favs now
    (because no gluten inside)
  4. I like it, there's a tiger. I actually eat these too but in an organic version
  5. Those are cool too. Honey!
  6. They have the same name but they're really not the same !
    Corn vs wheat
  7. Yum yum. I eat every chocolaty cereals with hot milk and the others with cold milk. What about you?
  8. Need to be kept in a humidity free room
  9. I never cared for these
  10. Urghhhh I don't even want to talk about it.
    Although as a grown up I learned to cook with oat and its amazing
  11. The worst
  12. Very efficient... But gross to eat
  13. Fake healthy ones
  14. Cool, fake healthy too
  15. The kind that appeared when I was already a grown up so I don't know them
  16. Classic. But very boring
  17. The supermarkets brand. Seems awful.
  18. Lucky charms are my absolute favorites. They were available in France for a couple of years when I was a kid. Every time I go to the USA I binge eat those and when a friend goes there I ask them to bring me back some.
  19. Actually it's now possible to find them in certain "American" boutiques but it's like 12$ 😱
  20. Anyway, how much of those exists in your country but with a different packaging?
  21. Please someone else make a cereal list and be my cereal friend!