Christmas is here!!!

Merci @Lisa_Fav t'es un super père noel !!!
  1. I received my secret Santa package today!!!
    @Lisa_Fav, as the sweetheart she is, sent me gifts when she heard I never received mine. ❤️❤️
  2. Look at all those pretty packages!
  3. First a list, of course!
    And inside a very nice card in French, yes we actually do speak French!
  4. The gift everyone will envy me
  5. Oh yes! But you can come to my place and we'll play guys ;)
    I think we're gonna have a bunch of fun with that!!
  6. Wink wink
  7. Useful and pretty pad!
    Gonna go on my fridge ;)
  8. She thinks I'm the target for this kind of stuff
  9. I am!! well done!!!
  10. Thank you a thousand times and even merci Mille fois Lisa!
  11. And again thanks @DawnCloud, you were a perfect Chief Santa!