1. My dad has fluid in his lungs and the doctor wants him to go to the hospital for a week. He wants to postpone it because I'm coming to see him for three days. I'm not sure I'm going to convince him otherwise.
  2. My mom is on holidays with her best friend who is being very difficult and they're having quite big fights all the time.
  3. I spent the day really bored but at the same time not able to do much. With a very dark cloud on my mind. I hadn't experienced that for a very long time. I don't think it's gonna last but still it's not a very enjoyable thing.
  4. BUT ❤️ My nephew just started putting two words together : "merci Papa" (thank you daddy) and "encore cheese" ("again" and he literally said "cheese" because my brother talks to him in English) ❤️
  5. Update : I looked up my dad medical condition on Internet, it freaked me out, but he agreed it was best to go soon to the hospital.