Requested by Angela G.

Do you Want to Learn a Very Simple Origami?

Thank you so much for the request! I love it! I'll even teach you 3! If one part is hard to understand, tell me and I'll try to develop more or explain better!
  1. Ok so here are two of my favorites. One is a lotus flower and one is a Rosace but we actually have to make a windmill first so 2 in 1! It's pretty simple and I do them often as a little gift, or I leave one in his luggage when my boyfriend travels, etc.
  2. First the Lotus Flower ; We start with a square maybe between 1,5 and 2 inches if you're a beginner. Bigger if you like!
  3. Fold it in half
  4. Unfold and fold in half the other way
  5. To obtain this.
  6. Bring a corner to the center
  7. Bring the other corners as well
  8. In this new shape we fold again the new corner to the center
  9. And the 3 others
  10. Turn over the model
  11. Another time bring a corner to the middle and fold
  12. And again the 3 remaining
  13. Now fold to the other direction what you just folded but shorter, leaving part of the triangle bellow
  14. Do the same for all 4 sides
  15. Turn over
  16. Fold in half following the diagonal of one of the little squares in the middle. It's like we're opening the flower
  17. Do the same with the other 3
  18. Again fold in half following the diagonal the even smaller squares in the middle
  19. And do the other 3 - Done!
  20. Second model : windmill and Rosace - start with a square
  21. Fold in half each side and unfold
  22. Bring the side to the central line and fold. Then unfold
  23. Do the same for all 4 sides
  24. Fold the diagonal and unfold
  25. Fold the other diagonal and unfold
  26. Fold again 2 of the sides you folded on 23 together
  27. Bring the part standing up to the side
  28. Continue with the other sides
  29. Like that
  30. For the last side you have to unfold a little but it all comes back to place easily
  31. Here's the windmill!
  32. Now to make the Rosace we continue. Open one of the flaps
  33. When opening it push a little the pointy part to flatten it forming a square
  34. Like that
  35. Continue with the other 3 flaps
  36. Here the 4 flaps done
  37. Close up to one of the squares. You have to bring the side of the square to the central diagonal of the square as shown in the picture
  38. Now unfold a bit to see the opening of that little part you just folded facing up
  39. Squash the little "hat" on top of that little part
  40. You have this!
  41. Do it for all 8 sides connected I the center
  42. You obtain that
  43. Flip over
  44. Fold the corners using the other side as a reference
  45. ...your fold will follow the points of the exterior triangles we can see on the picture
  46. Do all 4 corners and Done!
  47. Now it's your turn! Fold and take pictures and share here !
  48. These were fun but I used thick scrapbook paper which was hard to fold.
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  49. Squashed lotus flower..?
    I need to do more practising!
    Suggested by   @Diplomatic_diva
  50. Rosette
    Had it down till I got to the last step but it's still pretty. Definitely need nicer paper ☺️
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  51. My first one!! I love it 😍
    Used some stationary I saved from my mom. I'm going to try it the opposite way to get a different design. On to the rosette 🏃🏽‍♀️
    Suggested by   @angela3950