Requested by eric

Ghostly experiences at the Haunted Air BnB in Tourcoing

  1. Let me paint you a picture : it was an old minor house with 3 levels
  2. At first glance super peaceful and cute
  3. And the ground floor was nice, we had a good evening me and my mom
  4. But then we went to bed
  5. And we felt anxious as soon as we went up the 2nd floor
  6. We had 2 bedrooms with a staircase between them
  7. I kept hearing little noises the first night but my mom said it was because it's an old house
  8. We were super hot all the night and we slept so bad. My mom slept better than me but still.
  9. The second night was worse. As soon as I got to bed I started hearing sounds like someone walking up the stairs, really clearly.
  10. My mom calmed me down and I managed to sleep.
  11. But she didn't
  12. Every time she would go to sleep she would hear a strange creaking noise
  13. She went up and down the stairs at least ten times to check and nobody was here
  14. At some point she realized it was the exact sound of a door in the stairs, between two levels
  15. She was terrified
  16. She put a heavy object in front of the door to be sure to hear that first if the door was opened later
  17. It didn't open
  18. She slept with all her clothes and lights on
  19. And did I tell you that bellow my bed (I was sleeping in a little girl's bedroom) I found a very creepy life-sized doll laid down with her eyes opened in a scary way 😱