Great things that happened today

  1. I had an appointment at the skin doctor and everything's alright!
  2. I baked little cakes
  3. I spoke with my brother 30 minutes on the phone
  4. A secret that had been a burden for a week was uncovered
  5. I ate amazing pumpkin soup
  6. I got a call back for a job for January + February and I think I'll get it
  7. My mother and I skyped with my brother, my 1,5 yo baby nephew and two weeks old baby niece
  8. My godfather came to help me with acupuncture
  9. He decided to extend his stay to help me again on Monday
  10. A friend ordered 10 of my origami Christmas trees
  11. I had a nice time with my mum looking for gifts for the kids
  12. I watched a nice Christmas movie
  13. I connected with people here 💛
  14. I made organic apple sauce
  15. I'm watching a soap opera I like while drinking herbal tea and listing