Happy Valentine's Day to You Kim!

To the sweet @lame
  1. Hey Kim!
  2. Happy Valentine's day ❤️
  3. Here are my gifts for you :
  4. 1- A poem :
  5. K - Kuz you're so cute and funny, you are delicious
  6. I - I love your glasses, hair, your lists are hilarious
  7. M - Magnificent you are, of this are you conscious?
  8. 2 - Candies (sort of) 🍬🍫🍬🍭🍬
  9. An other one
  10. And a third one! It's Valentine's Day for Christ sake!
  11. And for desert!
  12. + Of course this
  13. 3 - A little virtual present
    It's virtual but I'm sure you can smell it
  14. Actually, if I could, I'd get you a copy of "Illusions" by Richard Bach
    Funny, spiritual, life changing book, check it out.
  15. 4- Last, but definitely not the least, click here : http://youtu.be/j7py1yW1Aeg
    Did you know this song? It's one of my favorite in the world! I would die if someone sang this to me someday, especially Michael...
  16. Close your eyes and know Michael is singing for you!
  17. And the rest of the world can suck it!
  18. ❤️H❤️A❤️P❤️P❤️Y❤️
  19. 💛VA💛LE💛NT💛IN💛E'S💛
  20. 💙D💙A💙Y💙
  21. 💜K💜I💜M💜
  22. And never forget to TREAT YOSELF!
  23. And Thank You for organizing this Chris Cupid-Ca @ChrisK 😘