thanks you for the kind request! (the pictures are not my work here)
  1. I always liked origami as a kid
  2. Even as an adult, every few years I would go through a period where I would make a lot of them and then stop for a while.
  3. It was mostly animals then so maybe after some time I was a little bored with it and moved on
  4. A few years ago I discovered more fun origami and I loved it!
    This is the firework, it rotates!
  5. One day not long after that I was watching an ASMR video and the girl was showing her origami collection.
  6. I discovered the existence of kusudamas and within the month I had made a dozen of them!
  7. I kept on learning and discovering more about geometrical origami
  8. That's how I got really into tessellations
  9. I realised it's like a form of meditation for me
  10. I'm very focused but calm when I do it.
  11. So the process is good and the result is beautiful
  12. Plus it's quite cheap (except when you want to work with really good paper but it's still ok)
    I maybe spent around 150 dollars in the past year including books, paper, frames, and other little tools.
  13. So yeah
  14. I love you origami!