How to get started with origami

Really great request, thanks! Also there's gonna be stuff on this list that @jasoncheng asked for a while ago too!
  1. Grab a square piece of paper
  2. And fold easy and fun stuff first
  3. Don't try to fold complicated things too soon. Or if you do and fail at it, accept it and let it go for a while.
    I failed trying to fold several models and got so frustrated and mad. But I discovered that when coming back to them weeks or months later I was able to make them easily!
  4. Like any other activity, you'll built great self esteem by doing things just a tiny bit more complicated than what you know already.
  5. I really recommend video tutorials over diagrams at first. Diagrams can be tricky and unclear.
    Ask my boyfriend how many times he heard me say : "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE?? I DON'T GET IT!!!!"
  6. Here are a few models I think are not too complicated, fun and pretty
  7. Crane. The ultimate classic!
  8. Part 1
  9. Part 2
  10. Cocotte. Another classic (I couldn't find the English name, someone knows it?)
  11. Camellia. I folded around 100 of these models for a big project and I still love it
  12. Part 1
  13. Part 2
  14. Windmill
  15. Part 1
  16. Part 2
  17. Firework. It was one of my first origamis as an adult and it is so mesmerizing!!!
  18. Part 1
  19. Part 2
  20. Part 3
  21. Part 4
  22. Part 5