🌼🌷How to make🌸🌷 🌻💐seeds bombs🌻🌺

A little civil disobedience against big corporations like Monsanto.
  1. Mix half clay powder
  2. Half potting compost or soil
  3. Add water until it is like plasticine
  4. Make little balls of paste the size of walnuts
  5. With something round and pointy make a little hole
  6. Fill it with a few seeds, knead it at little.
    Preferably seeds that make the flowers bees like!
  7. Find a public/ private spot where you want flowers to be
    If you're somewhere really forbidden check that nobody sees you
  8. Throw'em hard!!!
    This is a garden on the back of my mom's place. She doesn't have the access to it and nobody uses that yard so we bomb seeded it!
  9. It's preferable to choose a day where it's supposed to rain
    Then the ball will disintegrate and the seeds will enter soil. And the birds won't have time to eat the seeds.
  10. Wait a few weeks and be mesmerized!