I feel chatty, AMA

  1. What are you having for breakfast?
    I've just had a Flat White en route to work.
    Suggested by   @Diplomatic_diva
  2. @Diplomatic_diva I haven't had it yet but I'm gonna have like most mornings : mashed bananas with apple sauce and almonds butter (it's a recipe I stole from my brother, it's actually my baby nephew's morning snack). I'm gonna drink a hot herbal tea with that, probably yogi tea or Christmas tea!
    And I'm gonna watch something wintery and comforting like Good Witch or Christmas cartoons while eating
  3. What is it about origami that attracts you?
    Besides its awesomeness, of course.
    Suggested by   @Jaycer17
  4. @Jaycer17 Truly i think it's the physical representation of geometry. When I was a child I used to love tangram and also folding wrapping paper so I could have known!
  5. When are you at your happiest?
    Suggested by   @jesszaffino
  6. @jesszaffino It can be a lot of different things. I want to say it used to be mostly with my brother. Now my nephew won this place in my heart too. Probably my niece will too. But I also get rushes of happiness from nowhere, like when I'm alone walking somewhere beautiful or at the ocean.
  7. How do you like your coffee, if at all?
    Suggested by   @Jaycer17
  8. @Jaycer17 Oh mannn do I love my coffee... But I haven't had a real coffee since 2012. I stopped coffee, alcohol and cigarette because I was a very anxious person and it helped a lot. I'm much more happy. But still I miss it! I sometimes drink caffeine-free coffee but it's not the same.
    I used to love big American coffees and also cappuccinos. And I loved my coffee with a cigarette mostly... How about you?
  9. What are you having for lunch?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  10. @andersun It's gonna be delicious! I'm in the process of cooking it so you'll have to wait for a picture. Hint: there's onion, pumpkin and tomato
    From your list and comments it seems you had a short night?!
  11. What's the weather like today?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  12. @andersun It's nice, not cold at all and not rainy!
  13. What's winter typically like in Nantes? Will there be a lot of snow on the ground? Just occasional snow storms? Mostly damp and cool but not below freezing?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  14. @andersun 😢 We almost never see snow... It's like one snowflake or two one day in the winter. Last time it really snowed was like 12 years ago. It's medium cold and often rainy 😤
  15. Which European Country (that you've never been to) would you like to visit next?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  16. @andersun I think it's a tie between Italy and Denmark!
  17. Is it too soon to know France's entry in Eurovision 2017?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  18. @andersun it's probably too soon but I can already tell you it's gonna be crappy and badly written
  19. How far is it to the nearest beach/ocean?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  20. @andersun 30 minutes by car! 🌊🌊🌊
  21. You haven't had any more dreams about Bob Dylan.... have you?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  22. @andersun no, no other premonition. I still daydream about him some days.
  23. Do you wish it snowed a lot in winter?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  24. @andersun YES! But this year I'll be 2 weeks in Savoie so I might have my snow!!!
  25. It's 06:30 in Colorado, its still dark, it's -12 degrees Celsius, it will start snowing later today: should I get out of bed or keep asking questions?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  26. @andersun 6.30! You should get up only for food and come back to stay in bed while watching the snow through the window!
  27. @andersun Here it is : Vegan pumpkin parmentier with Millet and Passata sauce
  28. Are you better at Scrabble or Boggle?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  29. @andersun It's debatable. I'm excellent at both actually. So far only my mother, my brother and one friend of mine have been a challenge for me. I'd say boggle is more fun when people with different levels play together.
  30. Is Boggle easier in French or English?
    Same question re Scrabble?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  31. @andersun I never played boggle in English so I'm not sure but I know I'm not good at English scrabble :S
  32. Which would you rather be forced to watch for three hours: a Minion, a Magician or a Mime?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  33. @andersun Definitely a magician, especially if it's Phil Dunphy. How do you come up with those questions dude????
  34. Zombies or vampires?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  35. @andersun I'm gonna say vampires. both to be killed by and to hook up with. Zombies are cadavers so yuck and and they kill you by tearing apart your flesh...
  36. If you could go back in time to the first time you watched any Disney movie, which one would it be and why? Was it the movie you want to relive for the first time or the experience you had seeing it that first time?
    Suggested by   @michael_circa91
  37. @michael_circa91 it would have to be the lion king! Not because it is my favorite (you know my favorite, you Disney psychic!) but because I loved it so much as a kid. I was like 8/9 when it was released and I remember watching it everyday for like 2 months!
  38. Would you rather spend a vacation week in a big city or a quiet mountain valley?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  39. @andersun I think I like both depending on the period, the moment and the city!
  40. Judging from the number of AMA questions @andersun posts in a very short amount of time, do you think he too should cut out caffeine?
    Lol sorry for giving you shit @andersun you are a curious and lovely person.
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  41. Do you think @andersun drinks caffeine as @jennifergster implies?
    Suggested by   @andersun
  42. @jennifergster I've developed several theories regarding @andersun list abilities. In one of them he has more eyes and hands then the average human being. In an other he simply travels through time only to read more lists and comment smart stuff on every lists. I don't think he drinks much coffee but he might have stopped sleeping for all we know.
    Those listers related questions are fun