I feel empathy with every human being

  1. I feel empathy with the Orlando victims, their family and friends
    This feels close to home and personal on many levels but this in not the reason.
  2. I feel empathy with America
    So many of my friends sufferbecause of the bullshit gun laws, and too often mass shootings...
  3. I feel empathy with France
    I don't feel more of it because it is my country. I feel more scared on an immediate level and I feel concerned and responsible for the actions I can do to help change.
  4. I feel empathy with the Middle East
    Every damn day there are innocents victims, and so many children... And the ones who don't die are gonna grow up in war zones with so much hate for western civilization... Just because news channels don't talk about it much doesn't mean it's not there.
  5. I feel empathy with Africa
    I couldn't believe it when Boko Haram sent children with bombs and THOUSANDS of people died in Nigeria, just after the first Paris shootings. And almost nobody talked about it.
  6. I am not Europe. And America, Africa, Asia, Oceania are not my neighbors.
    We are from the same enormous family.
  7. I feel for my fellow humans, and myself
    We are ONE and the loss of a part is always terrible.
  8. I hope war and more hatred will not always be a response to pain and horror.
  9. I hope humans are learning and growing. I hope we are on a path to enlightenment and peace.
  10. And this is our very long and bumpy ride.