You're so lucky, you don't even know it...
  1. You think we like having two pronouns to address someone
  2. You think we're proud of our politeness etiquette
  3. You think we know exactly what to do
  4. When to say "vous"
  5. When to say "Tu"
  6. We don't!
  7. We make mistakes
  8. We offend people even sometimes
  9. Saying vous to a young woman or someone becoming close can hurt/ shock them sometimes
  10. Saying Tu to someone your age, or a friend of a friend can startle them sometimes.
  11. I hate vous
  12. I wish we just had Tu
  13. As a social phobic it makes my life so harder
  14. Thanks language for increasing my anxiety...
  15. I very often have no idea what I'm supposed to do
  16. I want to be cool and say Tu to everyone. Actually I believe we probably should all do that.
  17. But I can't say Tu to everyone, I'm too scared of breaking the etiquette, shocking people.
  18. A few examples of pickles I found myself in:
  19. I contacted a fellow origamist to meet and share and she started saying vous to me even though it is clearly a Tu situation.
    What do I do now? We are roughly the same age and will share something, we should say Tu! But I am never gonna dare be the one changing to Tu!
  20. I sympathized with my crepes seller at the farmers market, he's young and making jokes often, so I obviously say Tu to him.
    But he says vous 😳
  21. I started saying vous to my in laws 6 years ago. They say Tu to me. My parents met them a couple years ago and they all say Tu to each other. My boyfriend and my parents say Tu to each other. I hate when someone says Tu and the other responds to vous.
    But is still cannot change it and say Tu to my in laws, I'm stuck.
  22. I'm gonna go live in Quebec, now I'm certain of it
  23. Vous, Tu me fais chier!