I might have supernatural powers

  1. The night before last, I had a dream about Bob Dylan
  2. This never happened before
    But I love him very much
  3. I hadn't listen to his songs or talked about him very recently
  4. I just dreamt of him out of the blue
  5. He was dead in my dream
  6. And I cried oceans of tears, inconsolable.
    I will probably cry when that happens but not like that
  7. Death in dreams means a great change, usually very positive, a rebirth, or something very good.
  8. And yesterday he got the Nobel Price for Literature
  9. They talked about it on the radio all day
  10. And I was like
  11. What am I gonna do with my time machine now, I don't even need it...!
    For sale, @andersun
  12. An alternative explanation is that Bob and I have a very strong connection. What do you think is more probable?
  13. I wonder if Bob dreams about me?