A tiny philosophical journey asked by @p and also inspired by @andersun
  1. What is time?
    Is it linear, can you touch it, feel it? It is real and out of space at the same time. Your time is not my time.
  2. What is traveling?
    Going from one point to an other is not always traveling. When does moving become traveling? Is it when it becomes an adventure? When it takes us out of our comfort zone? Traveling is subjective. Like time, it can be different for anybody.
  3. What is better?
    Something better is something that has more qualities in nature or quantity than the previous object/ situation. It can be very quantifiable or extremely personal.
  4. What is none?
    None is the absence of anything. It's actually a strange concept regarding the subject of time. I believe some scientists work on the subject and found evidence of timeless spaces but it's not an area of expertise for us humans right now.
  5. Any time travel
    Suggest very little time travel in quantity, such as 1 second. Opposed to traveling decades in the past or future, or even more.
  6. For the beauty of science
    Any time travel as little as it may be is indeed as awesome as traveling years in time.
  7. When traveling for a purpose :
  8. The purpose a discovering the unknown
    Traveling seconds in the future still fulfills these expectations, so it is better then no travel. But one could argue that you actually just need to live to travel in the future and discover new things. As for traveling in the past, it would not gives you what you're looking for if it is seconds of time traveling. So it is not better than no time travel, regarding this purpose.
  9. The purpose of doing something particular at a certain time, changing the past/ future
    In this case any time travel is definitely not better, it is useless if unspecific and too little.