1. Us French envy you Americans : your ability to use any word and make it a verb
    "To text", "to google". In French, it sounds awfully stupid to try and do that. I still do.
  2. Us French envy you Americans : your ability to turn a phrase into an acronym
    BRB IDK TBH BTW I would looooove to do that. This one I don't, I can't! People won't understand. Maybe later.
  3. Once I tried to make people use the literal French translation of "you suck" , did not go well...
    It is indeed highly sexual and I guess you can't force an expression...
  4. But, you Americans envy us French..,
    As soon as you hear it...
  5. VERLAN !
  6. Our ability to take a word, cut it in half and put it upside down
    Maison --> zon-mai Mère-->rem. Copine--> pine-co. Quartier--> tié-quar
  7. You can learn all about it here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verlan