I'm as scrabble freak, deal with it! (If you want to play online or app scrabble with me in French or English, let me know your fb name, I have a fake account just for playing!)
  1. Here it is
    1e2554a1 caa6 4b49 a073 79027e7f3318
  2. Tueur
    Killer (male)
  3. Âne
  4. Tuerie
    Killing (noun)
  5. Kir
    Cocktail mixing white wine and sirup
  6. Facteur
  7. Ai
  8. Fa
    G (music)
  9. Memo
  10. In
    Like in English, "in" as in "hip"
  11. Il
  12. Loin
  13. Nu
    Naked (male)
  14. La
    The (feminine)
  15. Samosa
  16. Ay
    I had no freaking idea what it meant in French, I looked it up and it's some sort of champagne.
  17. Coq
  18. Depot
    Deposit // warehouse
  19. Huer
    To boo
  20. Ewe
    Some language spoken by a tribe somewhere. Didn't know either what it meant before.
  21. Zèle
    Zeal/ diligence
  22. Blasée
    Bored/jaded (female)
  23. Tif
    Slang for hair
  24. Jura
    (He) swore // mountains in the east of France
  25. Mi
    E (music)
  26. En
  27. Grandi
    Grew up
  28. Exo
    Slang for homework
  29. Te
    You (as in : I give you)
  30. Grains
  31. Sinua
    Twist but in a very scientific and mathematical way
  32. Hey
  33. Sabotez
    Sabotage as in "you (plural) sabotage"
  34. D (music)
  35. Fils
    Threads // sons
  36. Hala
    (He) Hauled in
  37. Vole