What if we wrote a 99 point story? I start with the first segment and I name someone who's gonna write after me, this person writes one or two sentences and names someone new and so on... No rules, just trying to write something that makes a little sense in the form ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. It was dark that night. The Christmas tree lights through the window were the only bright thing in the street.
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  2. A dark shadow belonging to a fat man crept along the street. Hissing words in despair unknown to..
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  3. ... the small pack of circus poodles who cowered in the alley entrance, tentatively sniffing the air, wondering where their cyborg trainer Maurice had disappeared to.
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  4. The dark shadow crept over the circus poodles and the fat man grabbed them and shoved them into a satchel he had slung over his shoulder. They barked, they scratched and clawed but the fat man just kept on walking, without realizing...
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  5. The man was about to enter a hallway full of traps. He dropped the dogs in a panic and they ran back to their rooms. Just when they man was trying to get his shit together. A man over an intercom came on and said...
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  6. Cecily Strong ran out from backstage and opened the bag and instead of a poodle, out jumped a major celebrity who everyone thought was dead -and the crowd went wild! It was...
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  7. BOB ROSS! He started to paint a landscape and ran it like his regular show. All sketches were canceled and everyone just watched ghost Bob Ross paint. To date, it's been the most successful SNL show they've ever had. It was surreal...it almost...it almost felt like a dream. BECAUSE IT WAS A DREAM. Daniel Radcliffe awoke with a start.
    Sweat was pouring down his face. The dream was so real. With a sigh he grabs his phone to check the time. But he has two new notifications that make him gasp! They read.. @michael_circa91
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  8. "@emwatson liked your tweet: "People saying Emma Watson was a bad pick for Disney's Belle can go to hell, she's more a perfectionist than Hermione, more beautiful than a rose, and sings lovely. I trust her." and even more jarring... "@therealalanrickman liked your tweet:
    "People saying Emma Watson was a bad pick for Disney's Belle can go to hell, she's more a perfectionist than Hermione, more beautiful than a rose, and sings lovely. I trust her." "Alan?...." Daniel said aloud as he turned around to look behind him, thinking he heard something... and in the reflection of the mirror above his dresser he saw... @joemurphy continue this, you ass
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  9. ...a large man perched on the ledge outside his window. Daniel's hotel room was only two floors up, so he wasn't worried about the man jumping. No, what shocked him was that the man appeared to be the same fat villain from his dream with the poodles, except he had the name "Alan" scrawled across the front of his shirt in what Daniel could only
    assume was blood. The fat man opened his mouth to speak... @brynelle crank out a musical number
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  10. "You shouldn't have done The Woman in Black, Daniel" The man jumped into the room, pulling an acoustic guitar from his cloak. As he moved closer, Daniel realized what he assumed was blood was actually a mixture of dark sienna and Prussian blue paint, and the letters- were in fact happy little trees.
    The man sang sweetly, "can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby? Let me knooooow" Out of nowhere, a circus poodle jumped onto Daniel, carrying a stick in its mouth. Daniel picked it up. "That's curious. This isn't a whistle. It's a.. It's a... hand chime", Daniel said. He looked up to see... @k8mcgarry
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  11. Karen. Daniel leapt back from the window with a gasp. No one had seen her since she falsely accused an entire bell choir of petty theft. Her wild eyes flickered back and forth as she smiled slowly. "What are you doing here, Karen?" Daniel spat, not too eager to forgive.
    "Oh, my child," grinned Karen. "I've come to..." @bredee take it from here
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  12. "...ensure that you remember the kindness I've shown you before tomorrow comes." "What's tomorrow?" shouted Daniel as the poodle began humping his leg and the fat man kept singing. Karen came closer. "Karen, stop!!" She crept forward. "Karen, I know how much you like to whisper but it's not necessary! Just say what you need to from there!"
    Karen crawled onto the bed as Daniel tried to scramble away from her and the lusty poodle. She put her mouth to his ear and whispered.... @torihyndman
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  13. "I know what you ate for dinner last night." Daniel's face turned beet red and even the circus poodle made a whimper and cowered in the corner. Daniel didn't know what to do, he was trapped, confused — how could she know? Karen put her hand on Daniel's thigh and said, "what do you have to say for yourself?"
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  14. "It's called meal planning, Karen! Ever heard of it??" "CUT, CUT" Jo Rowling interrupts from behind the camera. "Blimey! I am Jo Rowling, an Englishwoman, and this is bloody rubbish!" Jo turns to address Wes Craven, the Master of Horror:
    "Listen, Wes, can we break for the day? I need to do some rewrites otherwise 'J.K. Rowling Presents: Wes Craven's Scream 5: Scream Muggle Scream" will be all buggered to bloody hell!" [tag @franksars, you're it]
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  15. "I thought we were set to shoot the scene where Daniel's dick gets bitten off by the zombie poodl- oh. Yeah, I guess it could use some rewriting," Craven said with a face that revealed more regret with every word he said. "I'm surprised Daniel signed on for this movie," Jo said. "Especially after we announced that for this role he had to..."
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  16. "Seduce Harry Styles while completely in his character from Equus. That was a rough two months, but look where he is now! He should be grateful." J.K. Rowling sighed and nodded at Wes, but Karen, yelling at them from the set, shook her poodle-blood covered head and said, "that's nothing compared to what you made me do! Remember? You..."
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  17. Initially hired me as the set Production Assistant and made me categorize the craft services tables in alphabetical order then recategorize it by ascending calorie count." Then Karen fell to her knees, burst into tears and...
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  18. Initiated a power cycle in hopes that would correct any emotional bugs. When she was back on line...
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  19. She turned to realize that Maurice, the cyborg trainer of the circus poodles, appeared seemingly out of nowhere and he was pissed at the sight of the bloody poodle carcass. He grabbed Karen by the waist of her pants and threw her onto the craft services table, completely disrupting the alphabetical and calorical order.
    Wes Craven stood up from his directors chair, slapped Daniel Radcliffe and yelled for him to "ACT LIKE A CIRCUS POODLE or he'll kill us all!" Daniel Radcliffe got on all fours, started barking and... @mirthnuts take it from here.
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  20. —but a moment later, thought better of it. "Like bloody hell I'm going to take this! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! ENOUGH I SAID!", and in a murderous rampage Daniel Radcliffe took out his iPhone 6S and eviscerated the cyborg poodle trainer on Twitter, thus making him unemployable for the rest of his days. With eyes burning red, he turned to the rest of them...
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  21. The old man at the corner of the soundstage stood stiff and still, barely aware of the chaos across the room. Had it really been thirty years already? He reached for the inner pocket of his jacket, grabbing at a pack of cigarettes that weren't there. He closed his eyes and concentrated. If he tried, he could still sometimes conjure that dizzy
    feeling in the back of his brain. It was there, but it was faint. It was love and hate and heat and that broken streetlight on Madison that never got fixed. It was 1946. It was 1962. Church bells. Cold dirt. It was familiar, maybe. He opened his eyes. He didn't want to think about it anymore. "Bido, Suzanne," he muttered aloud. [@magic keep it going]
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  23. Suzanne had been right. Her dying words, a whispered "one day... you will set things right..." hadn't made sense at the time. But now her message was perfectly clear:
    It was up to him to destroy all evidence of this clusterfuck of a film set, and literally 'set' things right. But how?
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  25. How was easy. Suzanne whistled the complicated 14-part coded digital modem signal she had memorized for just such an occasion to summon Maurice from his embarrassment. "Take this bag, find the Fat Man, and help him round up the surviving poodles. Then, to deal with Daniel, Jo and Wes, be sure to..."
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  26. ...contact Stephen King. He'll know how to solve this mess". "Wait... THE Stephen King?" "No, the other one, the famous chef. OF COURSE *THE* STEPHEN KING, YOU DOLDERBRAIN!"
    Maurice couldn't believe it. His favourite author, the key to everything! And he would have the chance to talk to him! Maybe be chuns! Pals, even! That was-- *slap* "Stop daydreaming and pay attention! You'll find him in Bangor, Maine. Tell him to..." @karlalucia prolong this glorious madness, my friend
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  27. Burn all the reels of this to pieces, only he will know how to do it without anyone being able to trace all of this back to us. But before you get it to Stephen King, you have to make sure to get it into the hands of the ninja dog. @Boogie is the only one who knows who that is
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  28. "Did someone say Ninja dog?" We hear a small dog yell from across the way. "There's no fear when a Ninja Dog is here!" Maurice looked and saw the shadow of a large dog in a cape, as the street lights got closer to the ninja dog, it became clear she was a 4 pound chihuahua.
    "Don't let my size fool you, Maurice. I am Twiggy and I've got moves you've never seen! You actually will never see them because they happen so fast." Then Maurice looked out the window again and screamed because... @lexie_elyse you want in? Tag!
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  29. He saw the president elect standing outside his window, and he was tweeting something! AHHHHHHHHH
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