Use your imagination and help me make up list appers categories! Also tag your list chapers!
  1. List sappers
    A lot of people say that, I don't really get it.
  2. List zappers
    People who read the first words of the lists but never tap to read them entirely.
  3. List crappers
    People who make hateful lists or heinous comments. We don't get a lot of them around here for now thankfully.
  4. List rappers
    This is obvious. I want more of them!
  5. List mappers
    They know everyone and can tag a lot of fellow list appers and even make them connect with each other.
  6. List nappers
    List appers who disappear for a few days once in a while.
  7. List yappers
    They make A LOT of lists, sometimes interesting, sometimes not.
  8. List trappers
    They're not afraid of living in the wilderness, pushing boundaries, testing the limits of the lists!
  9. List clappers
    They always cheer, comment, share and are so nice. My favorites! Also all the listers I follow could fit in that category. @bjnovak @ChrisK @Lisa_Fav @Fitz @nathanveshecco @dfly @alexim @bookishclaire @franksars and so much more!
  10. List flappers
    Trendy, entertaining, upbeat. Not afraid to post a shameless selfie every now and then 😉
    Suggested by @meg1
  11. List snappers
    They somehow always manage to comment or reply within seconds, regardless of the time of day. Always ready to play devil's advocate, too.
    Suggested by @meg1
  12. List dappers
    people who make elegant/ classy lists. Or members of the list app who frequently wear top hats or don a handlebar mustache. 🎩
    Suggested by @okayerin
  13. List cappers
    List appers who comment on a highly entertaining list with something even more surprising than the actual list.. Maybe this definition will help clear up what I am so poorly describing: "a more surprising, upsetting, or entertaining event or situation than all others that have gone before: 'the capper was him accusing her of ripping off his car'"
    Suggested by @alimi
  14. Listerines
    List appers with exceptional dental hygiene. Can be abrasive.
    Suggested by @edge
  15. Listers
    Been trying to make that happen since day 1
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav