Love, Care, Ask

This is a list about the people in my life who come to see me, or call me, or text me, or IM me and genuinely ask : "Hey Soléna, how are you?"
  1. Mom ❤️
  2. Dad ❤️
    Once or twice a week
  3. Baptiste ❤️ (brother)
    Twice a week
  4. Rahim ❤️ (lover)
  5. Juliette ❤️ (bff since 1999)
    Once or twice a month
  6. Seb, Cecile and Robert ❤️ (friends since respectively 1998, 2001 and 2009)
    Every one or two months
  7. My mom taught me very early on how important it is to ask those kind of questions, to show your interest and care for someone when you're in any kind of truthful relationship with someone. She would always ask what our feelings were and always listen to the answer.
  8. Often I'm needy and frustrated and I would like it to be more. More people asking. More people caring. More often. So it's good to take some perspective and realize how lucky I am.
  9. It might not seem like a lot but I can say that at least 8 people in the world care enough about me to stop what they're doing and take time to do this silly thing that is just asking me how I'm doing at the moment.
  10. And it's a lot
  11. And it can mean the world.
  12. ❤️