Movies and bits of early life

  1. Star Wars
    My grandparents had all the tapes and we would watch them from time to time. As far as I remember, those movies have always been part of my life. We went to the movie theatre with my brother and my mother for every new one.
  2. The lion king
    Every summer when I was a kid, my mom would host foreign teenagers for a few weeks. When I was 7 an American boy came and he brought this pink lion king shirt as a gift for me. I had no idea what this was because the movie came out a few months after. I loved the movie so much I watched it every day for months. When I have a baby I plan on a world presentation a la Simba.
  3. Clockwork orange
    I was 11. My father and I where in Paris for the weekend at a friend of his. He was chatting with his friend and saw the movie was about to start. He was excited for me to discover it and let me watch it. I think he had forgotten the violence in it and just remembered the societal/ political message. I was a bit shaken but still liked the movie.
  4. Romeo + Juliet
    I was 13. I was a die hard Leo fan. I had a binder full of articles and pictures of him. Every time I watch this movie I cry, I love, I'm deeply moved and I want to make out with young Leo. This movie stays one of the best I've ever seen in terms of image, light, directing, acting. Bravo Baz (but Don't even talk to me about Moulin Rouge bleeeeehhhh)
  5. The Woodstock documentary
    I was 14. My brother and I borrowed it at the library probably ten times. I discovered love, peace and good music and I felt like I belonged.
  6. Harold and Maud
    I was 14 also. My mom showed my brother and I this movie. It was a shock, a revelation. It became and stayed my favorite movie ever. Everything is perfect in it.
  7. Alice's Restaurant
    I was 15. Another movie my father showed me. He knew I loved Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie so he was very happy to share that with me. My father always loved me but I'm pretty sure he really fell in love with being a father when I became a fascinating adult who shared interests with him. Anyway I obviously loved the movie and I can practically sing the 15 minute song by heart ;)
  8. Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain
    I was 15. It was my first date. He was one of my brother's friend. He was 19, dreamy and I had been in love with him for 6 months. I was so shy that I was sure he was doing that to be nice or by pity. We had an amazing time sharing and talking before, and the movie was life changing. I felt different for days after. We ended up together 2 years later after a few hookups, he was my first everything (kiss sex moving in breakup). He once told me I should have asked him out again after the movie...
  9. It's a wonderful life
    I was around 16-18. A friend of my mother told us about it. She loved it so much that it inspired us to watch it. You probably all know how great this movie is. I love it but even more, it's a beautiful way of thinking about this family friend I loved, since she prematurely passed away since.
  10. Arizona Dream
    I was 17. I used to watch every movies with Johnny Depp in it. I was probably in love with him. Anyway this is my favorite movie with him. Kusturica is a genius, Lily Taylor is stunning, Fay Dunaway is incredible. It's messy, nonsense, beautiful, crazy. It's a dream put in camera. I have real feelings for this movie. That's all I can say.
  11. I notice how my important movies are related to people I loved, and also almost all of these have amazing music!