1. JD in scrubs
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    My boyfriend knows i'd leave him for JD
  2. Larry in Ally McBeal
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    Robert Downey Jr...........!!!
  3. Logan in Veronica Mars
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    Huge crush, like butterflies in da stomach
  4. Pacey in Dawson creek
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    He listens, he cares, cute and funny. How could you even look at Dawson, Joey???
  5. Phil in Modern Family
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    I can't emphasize how awesome he is.
  6. Stiles in Teenwolf
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    Funny...! We have a saying in France : a woman who laughs is halfway in your bed. Do you say that? Cause that's true.
  7. Seth in The OC
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    He's basically Stiles without the werewolves
  8. Eric in That 70s show
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    Awkward, underdog, funny, my kind of guy.
  9. Billy in Me and Mrs Jones
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    Panty dropper
  10. Shane from The L word
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    Yes, yes and yes
  11. Ravi in Izombie
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    Ever since I started to date my cute Indian boyfriend I've had a crush on Indian guys.
  12. Dev in Master of none
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    Same here
  13. Alex in Buffy the vampire slayer
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    Again with the awkward funny guy, I have a type.
  14. Richie in Looking
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    His relationship with Patrick is HOT
  15. Andy in 2 broke girls
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    Sex + candies
  16. Wes in How to get away with murder
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    Mysterious, hurt, I don't know...
  17. David Tennant's Doctor
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    You know it
  18. Eric in True Blood
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    That's obvious...
  19. Wade in Hart of Dixie
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    Typical hot screw up
  20. Bolton in Hartley High
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    It's an old one but I was pretty hooked!
  21. Wait I forgot this one ! MAX !
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