Inspired by a bunch of people
  1. My first boyfriend use to tell me I looked like Liv
    Huge compliment, I know he totally meant it.
  2. My mom say a Modigliani painting
    Probably the truest
  3. I got Tania Raymonde one time
  4. And also one time a guy in high-school said Mila Jovovic in the 5th element (but that's very weird)
    I think I had dozens of braids and it made him think of that.
  5. I could look like a lot of famous people I it weren't for my nose I guess.
  6. Like, it is not tiny like most actresses and singers, and it has a little bump. But at the same time it's not so big or strange that it's a thing and people find it amazing, you know!
  7. Anyway if you have ideas, I'm curious !
  8. By the way, this is me!