Inspired by @Heartsounds
  1. I never wear make up
    I used to wear eye make up often between 18-25 and then I stopped altogether. I don't like putting products on myself, I want my skin to breathe and not be polluted.
  2. I never wear nail polish
    I continued until a couple years ago but then it just felt unnatural to me. I like it on other people but I don't feel like it.
  3. I never wear heels
    Those I am truly against. I know I am so tall I have nothing to talk about but if there was a hurtful device to lower myself I wouldn't use it either.
  4. I've always loved wearing stockings
    I feel really sexy and it's the most comfortable thing.
  5. I almost never wear pants. I'm a skirt and dress kind of woman
  6. I don't wear bras anymore but back when I did I use to wear the sexiest.
  7. I love having natural color- long hair
    For now. I've had in the past somewhat short hair, half shaved hair on the back, black hair, red hair.
  8. I make myself the most beautiful hairdos. (I love hairdos with braids, Princess Leia or Arwen in Lord of the Ring style)
  9. Now being and feeling like a woman is mostly a behavioral thing for me
  10. I am a soft person with a lot of tenderness to share
  11. I listen a lot
  12. I am shy at first
  13. But I like to laugh and joke.
    I am not the type of shy and soft who just stays in a corner and smiles
  14. I love to flirt
    I love it even more when I'm in a relationship because it is just a game, a little ego boost (obviously I'm being careful and I'm not giving any real ideas to poor single guys or anything). I love flirty guys and gals for the game but my heart belongs to shy men.
  15. I dance
    I am scared of people watching me but I still do it because I love it
  16. I sing
  17. I'm tactile, I need to touch and kiss my significant other.
    So much PDA with me
  18. I own my sexuality
    I am comfortable with my body and my desires. I do as I feel. There is no specific rules, only following my instincts and how I feel in the moment. And I don't let people slut shame me (nor prude shame me) in the slightest.
  19. I am compassionate
  20. I am motherly.
    But I won't be my boyfriend's mom or anything
  21. I also am a daughter and a sister
  22. And I curse