My Complete Collection of Kusudamas + Tutorials

Due to the tons of nice words and compliments I received when I posted my list of best origamis, I decided to make another one, with just kusudamas! Follow the links to learn how to make them!
  1. The Clo, designed by Isa Klein
  2. Pieces of the Clo
  3. The Rafaelita, designed By Ekaterina Lukasheva
  4. The Peace Crane, designed by Jean-Baptiste Vincent
  5. An other peace crane
  6. The cranes before being assembled
  7. An Icosidodecahedron, designed by ??
  8. The Cookie Cutter, designed by Victoria Babinsky
  9. An other cookie cutter
  10. The Gekkin, designed by Maria Vahrusheva
  11. An other Gekkin
  12. A third Gekkin
  13. The Star sea, designed by Tomoko Fuse
  14. The Royal Rose, designed by Maria Sinayskaya
  15. The Cherry Blossom, designed by Tomoko Fuse
  16. The Bella, designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva
  17. The UVWXYZ, designed by Francesco Mancini
  18. The origami Burr puzzle, designed by ??
  19. The Tornado by Marcell Aldos
  20. The triambic icosahedron Sonobe, designed by Tomoko Fuse
  21. The Taj Mahal, designed by Valentina Minayeva
  22. The Paradigma by Ekaterina Lukasheva
  23. The clover, designed by Maria Sinayskaya
  24. My entire collection
  25. Thanks to youtubers Origami, Ezorigami, 1petitesorciere, Jo Nakashima, Tashadi Mori, Ignacio Smith, Julia Miers, and Mr Kusudama for helping me learn this beautiful form of art!