My Dream Job

Aaaaooohhhh tough question...... Thanks for forcing me to clarify it @DanielaM !
  1. With nice colleagues / partners
  2. Creating stuff or maybe growing stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I get to travel. My dream would be to spend a few months a year abroad with my family.
  4. When I go home I can immediately stop thinking about it
  5. Leaves me with enough energy/ motivation/ moral to do the stuff I love outside of work and spend one with family and friends
  6. I go there smiling
  7. I feel really useful
  8. My work is recognized
  9. Not in the city
  10. No more than 2h/day of computer
  11. Maybe with children involved ? (not working, guys!)
  12. 30 hours/week max
  13. or more only if I really get to be really really creative and not stressed at all
  14. I can have at least 6 weeks of paid holidays a year, more unpaid if needed
  15. I get paid enough to live with not ok much worries. But I don't need much (ideally not less than 1300$ a month)