Requested by T.T.

My "Good Place"

Thank you for the request!! I actually liked your list so much I was planning on doing one!
  1. There's giant trees everywhere
  2. The feeling is spring in New York meets fall on the ocean Atlantic side with also a lot of summer vibes. And a few weeks a year tons of snow.
    Deal with it.
  3. My place is a middle sized house with a big garden, cat doors and several Chagall paintings.
  4. There's a lot of kittens and puppies but they're not needy. They don't shit.
  5. In my good place you can experience drugs with no bad effects. Actually you can stop the effects in a second if you want to.
  6. There's exactly the right quantity of the best food stuff.
    Also no bad effects either
  7. My soul mate is the perfect amount of funny, weird, tender, sweet and just enough self confident. (And hot obviously but we all know this comes with character and charm). He thinks he's the luckiest in heaven for getting me as a soul mate and he shows it.
    Also I get to make out with everyone I want, and probably Zach, yeah.
  8. But mostly
  9. Mostly
  10. Mostly
  11. I have a bunch of hilarious, nice, dependable, spiritual but still sassy friends
  12. And we play board games.