My heart is warm

@jennifergster asked me for my address a while ago because she wanted to send me something. She kept insisting it was not much, not a Christmas present or anything. In the note accompanying the package she said she even felt silly because I must have gotten my hopes up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME JENNIFER? THIS IS AMAZING!
  1. I love getting mail!! I even did a little dance and my boyfriend made fun of me.
  2. It's a box full of fabric!
  3. I can't believe how nice it is
  4. Someone I barely know thought of me
  5. And filled a whole box of things I could use
    (This is my favorite!)
  6. And send them to me, in France!
  7. With no reason
  8. No other reason but sharing, being nice, giving!
  9. I have to confess from time to time I feel a little left out, I have a bit of a complex.
  10. Like I don't matter to other people or something
    I don't know why... I know it sounds a little self centered...
  11. So when something like that happens
  12. It's 4 gifts in one :
  13. 1) personal mail!
  14. 2) a box full of fabrics!
  15. 3) warm fuzzy feeling when someone just decide to be kind to you
  16. 4) friendship, I ❤️ you @jennifergster
  17. Thank you.