Requested by Lisa

My Parisian Week End

  1. I went to Paris to see my friend Robert
  2. And my friend Judith
  3. I spent Saturday night with Judith playing guitar and drawing
  4. Selfie tableau
  5. Sunday morning Brunch a la Robert
  6. Homemade Eggs Benedict
    Yum yum yum yum
  7. An Eclair on our way
    Robert and I share a passion for pastries
  8. "Vis-a-vis Paris- New York exhibit, Jules et Jim hotel gallery
  9. A traditional hot cocoa at La Recyclerie
  10. Drinks with friends on Sunday evening
  11. Watched Lemonade while Judith was packing a suitcase Sunday night
    She was leaving for Bruxelles the next morning
  12. On Monday morning, with Robert : 12 choux from Odette eaten in less ten 15 minutes
    Thanks @Lisa_Fav for the tip!!
  13. Then a walk and Kurd sandwiches at Faubourg St Denis
  14. Drink, fun, shopping and gossips with Lisa!
  15. Lemon tart near Hotel de Ville
  16. Macaron (vanilla)
  17. Goofing 24/7
  18. Louis Vuitton foundation
    It was ok but Bernard Arnault (boss of Vuitton) is still an a-hole
  19. Soup at Naniwa-Ya on Monday night
    My favorite Japanese place rue Sainte Anne
  20. Cherry blossoms this morning
  21. Metro metro metro metro
    All the time
  22. Big finish on Tuesday morning at Pierre Herme's bakery
  23. Lemon tart
  24. Vanilla tart
    We shared
  25. Bye bye Paris! See you soon!