Inspired by @BWN_7 @andersun @shanaz and others ❤️
  1. I don't do push notificationsq
    Makes me anxious and I like to chose when I go here (I have zero push notifications on my phone)
  2. I always have less than 10 drafts and delete the ones that are old when I never went back to write them (currently there is 2 drafts)
  3. I don't follow people randomly. I have to be touched or really laugh or feel a connection with someone. I only have around 175 people I follow right now. I know it's really not much but I used to have many more and it made me anxious and stressed because...
  4. I go trough all the feed. I have big list FOMO
    So when I had 300 people to follow it was so much lists to read it was overwhelming
  5. But I don't have notifications for specific people
    Don't need, with only 175 people
  6. Like @andersun I go through the people I follow regularly and unfollow the ones that haven't published a list for months.
  7. I don't always read the trending and featured lists because I choose the lists I read based on the title and the person (with some people I will always read their lists)
    I believe sometimes a list is trending for emotional or cultural reasons and it is not always for me, and featured are not always the bests either.
  8. Actually my favorite listers are rarely trending or featured
  9. I already explained in previous lists that I turned off relists for a lot of people (well maybe around 30?). It's really not linked to the quality of the relist but more to the quantity as in I start to sweat if there's too much lists to scroll through.
    And I trust great lists will find their way to me.
  10. I like almost everything I read, I share if I think it's funny/ touching or might be of interest for everyone. I save when I want to keep an interesting information mostly. I used to save a lot of lists when I didn't have time to read and wanted to go back and read the ones I selected, but thanks to the new update no save button on the feed page!
  11. I comment when I have something to answer/add/share or when I want to share some love/support/joke.
  12. I answer to all the comments on personal lists, even if it takes time. With more funny/ informative lists I might not answer to everything.
    It's mostly because in the past I used to seek friendship and recognition by always giving and giving and I grew frustrated and angry at people for not doing the same. and I noticed that "normal" people don't do that so I started giving a little less, accepting to be a little rude to my standards so I will be like the others and care for me first! I'm much more relaxed with others now!
  13. I will never again engage by explaining my feelings in the comments of a list I feel was voluntarily hurtful
    I Did that and noticed that you end up being the one called disrespectful even though you stayed calm and neutral whereas the lister was actually insulting others people including you...
  14. I block when people are too angry (see above), disrespectful, insulting.
    It happened 3 times I think but I couldn't even tell you the names of the people
  15. I have no idea how many people follow me, how many unfollowed me or blocked me and I don't care
    I actually did not really like the time I was a recommended user because there was too many notifications and it stresses me out and anyway most of them ended up being ghost listers.
  16. I list when I feel inspired, when I have something to share, ask, tell!
  17. I don't list when I have nothing or it feels like forcing it.
  18. But I still come here and read :)
  19. I know I'm gonna leave someday but it might be in ten years, who knows!
  20. List is a way to make friends and have interesting, touching, funny human interactions for me. I've always loved internet friends as a social phobic. I was a lot into MySpace for making friends back then.
    But meet ups are scary as hell and I'm glad we're like only 4 French people here and no one other than me in my area for now.
  21. I'm ashamed but I have lousy memory and need a lot to "assimilate" someone. I can recognize and identify maybe 30/40 of you
    You know reading a list and knowing the person who wrote it, linking it to other memories you have from them etc. I'm not sure but I think the profile pic helps when it's a face and also sharing personal things accelerates the process! Anyway I'm working on it!