I came home after an 8 days holiday with my family and it was here!! Sorry secret Santa if you were anxious to know if I got it!
  1. The package itself is soooo cute!
  2. I'm psyched!
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  3. Super cute socks! They seem really comfortable and I love the colors!
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  4. Candiiiieees! Those are mints and strawberry chocolates I think but I'm not sure? Anyway very yummy.
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  5. Candy again! Secret Santa, how did you know that I am addicted to candy?
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  6. Oh my god some kind of mix to make marshmallow hot cocoa 😀😍😭
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  7. A beautiful notebook with many blank pages to fill. I'll keep you posted about that!
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  8. And little sticky notes to mark pages. I love the idea and the colors. And my resolution for 2016 is actually to read more books and work on my comic books too, so... very useful!
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  9. And to finish : organic tea. I am also deeply in love with organic teas. I try not to drink too much caffeine though so I appreciate the low caffeine level!
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  10. Everyone of these gifts is amazing and I feel so blessed!
  11. But what is really awesome is this final gift.........
  12. A note written with the most beautiful handwriting explaining how theses gifts are her favorite things (I'm assuming you're a girl, secret santa,from the items and the handwriting but i'd love to be wrong though!)
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  14. It was amazing to come home to that and I'm gonna enjoy every last one of these things!
    I just left my 7 months old nephew and I was a little sad to come home so it really cheered me up!
  15. But tell me who you are! I wanna read all your lists, you seem so cool!
  16. And thank you @ChrisK, patron of the Christmas elves, for putting this together! You brought a lot of joy and light in my life! you have no idea how this type of human experience and sharing is important to me!
  17. I never knew who was my first secret santa! Please reveal yourself!