ranked by how probable it'll happen (soon)
  1. Paris ✔️
    WENT to see my friends and spend the week end playing scrabble
  2. Savoie, France ✔️
    End of December. WENT there for a week to help with the baby nephews/nieces while my brother is abroad, then another week with whole family for Christmas!
  3. Lille, France ✔️ and probably Belgium (NO BELGIUM AFTER ALL)
    Belated Christmas with my father's family and New Year's Eve with friends
  4. Spain for origami convention
  5. Strasbourg, France (UPPED TO 5)
    I discovered three days ago it was one of my best friend's dreams too. It's a date, planned for summer 2017 - WE TALKED ABOUT IT 2 DAYS AGO, IT'S STILL ON
  6. Italy for origami and hikes in the mountains
    August 2017 - doable
  7. Germany, everywhere except Berlin
    I say if we go to Strasbourg, we might push it a little further and do that!
  8. Switzerland
    Go back, fell in love with it in 2008
  9. Italy for origami convention
    December 2016 - nearly impossible, 2017 probable
  10. Netherlands
    I go to the Belgian frontier at least twice a year, I'm bound to take a car or train and go to Netherlands one day
  11. Denmark
    @DanielaM and TV show Rita really sold me on this one. How are the prices over there?
  12. London
    Go back, but sadly I know the prices... (Spent as much there in 3 days as 2 weeks in Berlin...)
  13. Montréal
    Go back, I've been twice, I'm in love.
  14. USA west coast (RETROGRADED TO 14)
    This has been my dream for 6 years but this is an expensive one... This ranking is definitely not by how much I want it to happen... I WILL PROBABLY NOT BE GOING AS A TOURIST AS LONG AS AN ENTIRE RELIGION IS BANNED FROM THERE...
  15. Iceland
    Why not? But it can wait
  16. Japan
    50% excited by the culture, 50% scared of the craziness
  17. Hawaii
    This feels like home for some weird reason, even though I know almost nothing about it.
  18. Update !