Thank you for the opportunity to share my city with you!
  1. 600.000 persons live in Nantes. It is the 6th biggest town in France
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  2. It used to be one of the most important harbor. Now it's not anymore but you can see old boats like this one. We have the "Loire" flowing through town.
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    Sadly Nantes was super involved in slavery with its harbor... We have monuments and non profit organizations about that and we never forget it.
  3. Nantes has several rivers, it used to be like venise in Italy with a lot of canals and little islands, but in the last century they rerouted the rivers. We still have two island.
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  4. My favorite place is the castle battlements. Yes, we have a castle! I know! It's the Dukes of Britain Castle. Nantes used to be the capital city of Britain but they changed it to Rennes to weaken the region.
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    I go there to walk and think and look at my city quite often.
  5. This is the museum of natural history. I worked there when I was in college.
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  6. This is the LU tower. There used to be two but one was destroyed during the war. Do you know LU?
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  7. The famous cookie company from Nantes!
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  8. And BN is the second most famous cookie company in France, also from Nantes!
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  9. The last ten years Nantes became a huge touristic place. Our former mayor (who became prime minister after) really wanted to make it a place for contemporary art. Now every summer we have this enormous festival of art for three months.
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  10. Some of the art pieces stay after. This one was made by Jean Julien, the guy who made the logo with the Eiffel Tower inside the peace sign after the shootings in Paris (he's from Nantes too). It's a bar on top of our highest (and only) building.
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  11. This is a piece done by a famous illustrator in children's books. It's in the municipal garden.
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  12. This is the farmers market where I go every Thursday morning
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  13. This is a very very cute village just across the river from my place.
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  14. And this is Anne de Bretagne and our famous cobbled streets : so nice to look at, such a pain for the feet to walk on!
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