Thank you @DanielaM ❤️
  1. Planning Christmas
    The train tickets are gonna be available in 11 days so I have to be sure to have organized everything by then. I'll wake up at 5.45 am to buy the tickets right when they open the sale. The price can be multiplied by 3 at the end of the day.
  2. Chestnuts
    I LOVE CHESTNUTS!! There is a small window of opportunity to find them in nature so you have to be vigilant : wait for them to be on the ground, but come before everyone picked them up already.
  3. Beautiful colors in the trees
  4. Pumpkins!
    Of all sorts. My boyfriend loves cooking them and I love eating them and also carving them
  5. Halloween
    We don't celebrate it a lot in France but it's still a great excuse to eat candies and carve a cute pumpkin
  6. The rain is back...
    It rains a lot where I live
  7. So the comeback of scarves, boots and umbrellas
  8. Usually it means holidays at the end of the month!
    I've always had the school holidays, I've been either in school, unemployed or in jobs with school holidays!
  9. Specifically this year :
  10. My very first origami convention!!!
    In 4 weeks. I'm so excited guys! But also scared!
  11. A 4 days stay with my brother, my eight month pregnant sister in law and my 18 months amazing nephew in the castle they all live in, in the mountains of Savoie
    Right after the origami convention