1. So while my friends convinced me to stay later at the bar last night 3 times successfully, I still went home at 2
    They stayed up until 7, and we met again around 11 this morning
  2. So most of us didn't do the morning workshops and just hung out
  3. We went to lunch at a kebab place
    There was not much folding but a lot of games
  4. Then we went to the final Ilan Garibi workshop about kitchen stuff!
  5. We folded a kitchen mold
  6. You can cook a cake inside!!
  7. And a breaded bowl
  8. Then we went all in the lobby having a drink and saying goodbye to people
  9. And I had to leave 😥
  10. But...
  11. Now I'm for 3 days with my brother+ extremely pregnant sister in law+ cutest nephew on earth 😃❤️❤️❤️
  12. Best holidays ever.
  13. Teaser : I have a collection of origami themed shirt pictures...