Origami convention : first day

  1. It's hosted in this big place
    People are folding everywhere! There are kids so talented!
  2. There are 4 different 2h long workshops 3 times a day
  3. You can chose the one you want but you have to be on time to have a place!
  4. I started the day with my idol : Ilan Garibi, teaching us this model
  5. An then we made this with a wooden paper!
  6. Little did I know that I was sitting next to the right person!
  7. My neighbor was a German guy with a passion for tessellations and a lot of humor. He befriended me very quick, gave me tons of awesome advices regarding folding and the convention
  8. He invited me to eat lunch with him and a bunch of Spanish and German people + Ilan Garibi himself!
  9. We laughed a lot and Ilan Garibi gave us paper puzzles to solve and I won!
  10. Then I went to this workshop with Giang Dinh who taught us how to make this little fella
  11. You can hide him!
  12. Then he taught us how to make the sleeping bear with water folding
    Mine is not great
  13. Here's the model the artist folded himself
  14. Then we went to take a break with my "crew", eating candies, laughing and solving puzzles
  15. At last I went to the Melissandre workshop. She taught us how I make this sun
  16. Now I'm waiting for my friends to go eat together and spent the evening with them!
  17. Here are some picture of the exhibit :
  18. My stuff!