Origami lately

  1. A rose by Toshikazu Kawasaki
  2. This is an Hydrangea tessellation
  3. An other one
  4. A triangle tessellation figured out by me
  5. Swirl Star Torus by Yuri Shumakov
    This is my first 196 pieces origami. It's not as perfect as I wanted it to be but I'm still happy
  6. French origamist Nicolas Terry share diagrams for this cat on Facebook, asking people to interpret it and play with it. I tried to make a Scottish folded cat.
  7. I met Dáša Ševerová at the Lyon Convention. She just finished the diagram for "Dan's Rosette" and I asked to try it!
    It as a fractal and could in theory go on forever
  8. I actually like the smaller version better
  9. I bought an amazing book by Maria Sinayskaya. The following foldings are all from this book. This is "two faced flower"
  10. The other side
  11. Another version
  12. And another
  13. Last one
  14. "Imperial rose Sonobe" kusudama
    30 pieces
  15. "Sky Star" Kusudama
    30 pieces
  16. "Skella Gamma" Kusudama
    30 pieces
  17. Don't be fooled this Kusudama is actually 6 times bigger than the previous!!!
  18. I enjoyed folding with maps. I'm gonna make more I think!
  19. This is my Easter themed Kusudama
  20. Playing around with the crane model I discovered this cute bird
  21. having fun with octagons and hexagons I invented this double sided Rosace
  22. The other side!
  23. You can combine them!!