It's been a while but I was working on huge projects!
  1. "Daisy chains" designed by Eric Gjerde
    7 inches, took me 5 hours
  2. Close up
  3. With backlight
  4. Back
  5. "Arms of Shiva" designed by Eric Gjerde
    7 inches, took me around 10 hours
  6. Close up
  7. With backlight
  8. Back
  9. "Crystal rose" designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki
    4 inches, took me 5/6 hours
  10. Another angle
    I tried a bunch of times to do this one only based on the crease pattern but failed, so I was really happy when my brother offered me the book with the instructions!
  11. Back
  12. "***" Designed by ME!!!!
    7 inches, took me maybe 15 hours to come up with the right foldings and then around 5 folding it.
  13. Close up
    This is my first original design and I'm so very proud of myself!!
  14. With backlight
  15. Another view
  16. Close up with backlight
  17. Go there if you want to participate in a contest regarding the name of my design : ✨THE ORIGAMI NAME CHALLENGE!✨