✨ Origami Tessellations of the Week 3 ✨

It's the week of the triangle folks!
  1. I've been doing a lot of freestyle this week and it was fun!
  2. I noticed that you can create a lot of original combinations from the triangle grid
  3. So I wanted to explore the triangle possibilities
  4. And the triangles Within the triangle!
  5. I like this one a lot
  6. Plus the color is pretty dope
  7. After that I thought : could I be crazier and cut the paper into a triangle at first, before even folding it?
  8. And then I did it!
  9. And I did it some more
  10. Triangles everywhere 😱
  11. That's when I started eating triangles
    I have a problem guys...
  12. And due to amazing circumstances my dad sent me some money just cause, and I bought myself this mindblowing book!!!
  13. The beginning of my first project from the book
  14. Done!
  15. It's marked as an advanced project and it was really hard!!!
    Took me nearly 5 hours 😵
  16. I'm picking a new one tomorrow, beware!