✨origami Tessellations of the Week 4 ✨

  1. This week was all about tessellations from Eric Gjerde's book
  2. This is the "pinwheel"
  3. Through light. It is very similar to the Celtic circle I made a couple weeks ago
  4. The back
  5. This one is called "tiled hexagon"
  6. I made it with a transparent paper (the kind used to copy a drawing you know). It was a nightmare to fold but it looks good.
  7. This is a diagonal version of the "five and four"
  8. With backlight
  9. "Five and four" with a little fun with the pattern
  10. But I still don't really like tessellations with pattern paper
  11. The back
  12. This is "Roman church floor tiling"
  13. I love it. It would be even better with a more see through paper. I'll make that later!
  14. The back
  15. This is the bird base
  16. A lot of pre-folding for a result half pretty in my opinion
  17. The back (not very neat Oups!)
  18. Here are all the above tessellations so you can see the different sizes
  19. I purchased a big ass piece of paper to make bigger tessellations. It took hours to pre-fold
  20. And it took hours struggling to understand and start the "field of stars"
  21. But it got it finally! You'll probably see the result next week!