Inspired by @What2List
  1. My town is the 6th of the country in number of inhabitants
  2. So pretty and important big city
    Picture taken from the international space station last month!
  3. But it's is actually quite small
  4. The center is very small and cute
  5. It's France
  6. It's not smelly stressed out Paris
  7. It's not a village with nothing to do
  8. It's perfect
  9. It's the capital of crepes
  10. And also salted toffee
  11. It's 25 minutes from the ocean
  12. We have great museums, galleries, cultural events
  13. We have a giant mechanical elephant, a carrousel only for adults and pretty soon a gigantic mechanical tree with giant mechanical birds and a whole mini forest in it.
  14. Jules Verne was born here
  15. Barbara, Jacques Higelin and Beirut wrote songs about Nantes
  16. It's pretty inspirational!
  17. We have one of the biggest rivers in France. It goes through the whole city
  18. In the past it was like Venise but we rerouted the river a bit.
  19. We have little ferrys and tramways everywhere.
  20. No scary subway!